Platforms and Solutions in Pattern Detection & Personality Analytics

Augmenting Decision-Making when the Pattern is Revealed


Artificial Intelligence Revealing and Comparing the Candidates

With all the media buzz, presidential debates, campaign stops and ubiquitous baby kissing in the run up to the election for the next US president, wouldn’t it be fascinating to see how Artificial Intelligence (AI) reveals the personality traits of each of the candidates?

Darwin Ecosystem has collected the candidates published speeches and fed them into its Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI) to reveal, and compare, this impressive line up of hopefuls.

Through the PPI, now you can see how they compare, what makes them different from each other, and measure them on what their inner personalities are hidden behind the public facade of being a politician.



Leveraging IBM’s Big Data and Cognitive Technology

We are a next generation IBM Business Partner leveraging the most recent and unprecedented technological advancements made by IBM.

As an Application Specific License (ASL) & Watson Ecosystem Partner, IBM offers our solutions the roadmap to industrialize, as well as create new channels, to reach leading organizations and consumers alike.

We leverage and have expertise in the following IBM technologies:
InfoSphere Streams, Softlayer Cloud services, IBM Bluemix and other emerging cognitive solutions.