Reducing the Chasm to Reach Big Data Maturity

We recently had another very successful, filled to capacity, Big Data 2.0 meetup at Pay Pal’s downtown Boston offices, with Fern Halper, co-author of Big Data for Dummies, as the featured speaker. The feedback we received regarding our technology’s role in Big Data implementation strategies, namely, is pertinent to discussions today on how to manage information overload. You […]

Pattern recognition

The perspectives and dimensions of Big Data Visualization

Using Big Data of Expressions as Your Awareness & Discovery Assistant

With over 500 million tweets daily, Twitter is the most massive source of time-relevant expressions where media, companies and individuals publish their interests and observations. Making sense of it all requires Big Data skills. Because Twitter is so colossal in pushing out constant streams of information, most of us ignore its potential and continue to […]

Patterns of our Collective Cognitive

Warning:  This is one of my airplane, or in this case being stuck in freezing -20F Minnesota, blog that our marketing director warns me about.  So here it is. When I first postulated in 2007 that the patterns from chaotic systems found in the natural world could also be found in the world of the human cognitive, […]


The voice of the people in real-time

The only social media tool available today to look into the collective expressions of humans globally is Twitter. This is possible because, unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is open and offers anyone the ability to express themselves at the speed of their thoughts as well as the acknowledgment of others’ expressions through retweets. The […]