The Message of The Medium of Big Data  

It’s a nice mental exercise to think about big data as a new medium in the sense McLuhan used it. It is an extension of our nervous system, certainly. McLuhan famously said that the medium is the message, that the medium itself has an effect on the social order. What will the message of big […]

A Slight Chance of Local Singularities

This article talks about the social habits and habits of mind that make it difficult for some people not to feel a little uncomfortable with the brave new world of big data. Key phrase: “The Professors would have marked them differently.” This is characteristic of the phase of adoption dig data is at. Once teachers […]

The “Startup-like” Trend and The Hybridization of Adhocracy

The “Startup-like” Trend and The Hybridization of Adhocracy   Bennis and Toffler and Mintzberg talked about the “adhocracy” more than forty years ago. What they as the flipside of the dialectic with industrial bureaucracy, we see more as a downstream effect of greater communication and more intangible products. The definition changed a little after it […]

The Water’s Fine  

Here’s an article I came across that talks about getting started with big data from the perspective of companies and orgs. Briefly, it breaks the process down into three steps:   Identify business problems. Assemble a team. Select the Technology.   Basically the article says to let the business problems drive the decision. If you […]

The End of Hunches

This article about using analytics in hiring came out a couple years ago. I’ll never forget the phrase “The end of hunch-based hiring.” The phrase evoked a specific image the author held of the world to be created by the downstream effects of then-new tech. Beyond the business problems we knew we could solve, the […]