TED Talk that matters for Darwin Ecosystem’s Research

I always encourage our team to see every TED talk available to ensure that our outlook on technology is challenged and inspired by thought leaders.  But when David Eagleman, a well known neuroscientist and writer, showed up, I was exited to see what he would say to enlighten the general public with his fascinating […]

Thierry Hubert

Thierry Hubert

Why we’re investing in IBM technology

This past year IBM filed over 6800 patents, nearly twice as many as Apple and Google combined. IBM has led in the creation of patents for 21 years running. As hardware sales dried up and Cloud gained traction, they spent $6 billion in research between 2010-12. This year they are […]

Darwin Ecosystem Announced as IBM Partner As Big Data Analytics Enters Wide Adoption Phase

PRESS RELEASE ARLINGTON, MA – Dec. 9 2014 Darwin Ecosystem, LLC (Darwin) announced a strategic partnership today with IBM as an Application-Specific Licensing Partner, leveraging IBM relationships, technologies, and resources. The partnership makes Darwin’s tools and API available to customers and third parties to connect the power of IBM’s Big […]

IBM Business Partner


Women In Tech @ Insight

The heart of the “women in tech” thing is that as a woman in this business, most of the time you look around in the industry and you think, “There are not a lot of people like me here.” Well, that’s true. Then again, that’s true wherever I go. I’m […]

A Slight Chance of Local Singularities

This article talks about the social habits and habits of mind that make it difficult for some people not to feel a little uncomfortable with the brave new world of big data. Key phrase: “The Professors would have marked them differently.” This is characteristic of the phase of adoption dig […]