IBM highlights Darwin Ecosystem as a case study

On October 22nd, 2015, IBM published a case study about our company, our solutions, and our commitment to the new era of cognitive computing and big data. Excerpt highlights from IBM’s case study: 6-8 seconds to summarize new information from hundreds of articles, blogs and tweets 10 times faster results with IBM technology, compared to open source... Read more

The Augmented Human Intelligence Paradox

I launched a new theme for a meetup community last week in Montreal;  The Human Intelligence Augmentation meetup. The turnout included data scientists, developers, mathematicians, business executives, government representatives, financial services experts, consultants in organizational effectiveness, psychologists and national media enthusiasts. The goal was to establish a platform that addresses the technological, scientific, cultural and business... Read more

The Awareness Paradox of the Information Age

Did you know that the more we have to seek information, the less productive we are? And as the adage goes, time is money. Most of us depend on search engines, social media, professional publications, broadcasts and other informative means to be aware of what matters to us.  The reality is that most of these... Read more

Why not have a system at your service?

Search and Awareness Awareness is a basic and essential cognitive state that feeds our personal experiences. It allows us to acknowledge familiar patterns and the differences that peak our interest. Our self-awareness, and that of our surroundings, gives each one of us the ability to decide what is important or what matters to each one... Read more

Do you know what to do with cognitive computing systems?

We often believe that a system that thinks can, or will, help us make decisions.  A cognitive system is supposed to understand, perceive and solve problems — basically think. But this capability is made possible by a complex web of connected memories and knowledge acquired by the limitation of our respective “umwelts” (one’s surroundings or... Read more

Solo In The City CJAD – Algorithms of love!

Algorithms of love!  In this episode, the talk is about algorithms and other technology behind finding the perfect match with Thierry Hubert, CEO of Darwin Ecosystem LLC.  Interview by Cheryl Besner, Radio host of Solo in the City Radio CJAD Montreal, Quebec Canada.

Why we’re investing in IBM technology

IBM has led in the creation of patents for 21 years running. As hardware sales dried up and Cloud gained traction, they spent $6 billion in research between 2010-12. This year they are dropping $1 billion on making Watson a separate division.

They invented the ATM. They invented the swipe card. They’re part of the furniture of our technological culture. Of everybody’s. A company that is over a hundred years old, which has contributed to every step of the evolution of computing from tabulating machines to the floppy disk, hard drive, and the personal computer has worked hard and spent billions to keep pace as leaders.

TED Talk that matters for Darwin Ecosystem’s Research

I always encourage our team to see every TED talk available to ensure that our outlook on technology is challenged and inspired by thought leaders. But when David Eagleman, a well known neuroscientist and writer, showed up, I was exited to see what he would say to enlighten the general public with his fascinating work.... Read more

Darwin Ecosystem Announced as IBM Partner As Big Data Analytics Enters Wide Adoption Phase

PRESS RELEASE CAMBRIDGE, MA – Dec. 9 2014 Darwin Ecosystem, LLC (Darwin) announced a strategic partnership today with IBM as an Application-Specific Licensing Partner, leveraging IBM relationships, technologies, and resources. The partnership makes Darwin’s tools and API available to customers and third parties to connect the power of IBM’s Big Data InfoSphere Streams to developers,... Read more

Reducing the Chasm to Reach Big Data Maturity

We recently had another very successful, filled to capacity, Big Data 2.0 meetup at Pay Pal’s downtown Boston offices, with Fern Halper, co-author of Big Data for Dummies, as the featured speaker. The feedback we received regarding our technology’s role in Big Data implementation strategies, namely, is pertinent to discussions today on how to manage information overload. You... Read more